Revitalizing That Long-Lost Shine

At Vaca’s Carpet Cleaning we appreciate the care you took in selecting and purchasing your tiled floors.

When Mopping Doesn’t Do the Trick

The use of tile can create an important design element in any home. Yet over the years, time and grime can take their toll, leaving your floors looking tired and dull.

Cleaning your tile and grout can be a big hassle. Why not leave the task of restoring your tiled floors to us and we will get those dirty grout lines looking as good as they did when they were first installed.

Floor Is Shining Once Again

At Vaca’s Carpet Cleaning, we utilize many methods to completely remove tile and grout of accumulated dirt and residues.

Our crews use the latest cleaning solutions that are absolutely safe for you, your children and pets.  We combine hand scrubbing along with our high pressure super heated water extraction techniques to transform your dirty dull looking floors into a bright squeaky clean shine that you and your family will love.

Like New Home Floors

The tiles will not only look new, but they will also create a much healthier indoor atmosphere for everyone in your household.  Our proven techniques remove bacteria and mold growth as well as chemical residues left by traditional cleaning methods.

Finally, we recommend applying a penetrating sealer to protect your grout from future spills and stains.

Best of all, our service is completely hassle-free. Please call us today at 760.789.7633 for a free in-home consultation and join many satisfied customers all over Ramona and San Diego North County Inland.

Vaca's Tile & Grout Cleaning Service